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About Us

Eccoshoes transcends traditional e-commerce with its combination of first-class customer service and elusive roster of designers. Ranging from iconic maisons de couture to the latest emerging talents, all of style's leading names are here, shot in ever-evolving and striking editorial imagery.

Welcome to Eccoshoes

Our mission is to make wool perform in its most optimal way, and to use these properties to enhance your clothing and footwear.
We develop outstanding fabrics which maximize the positive features of wool; our wool is sourced ethically, and our products are produced in-house.

We believe every shoe is a work of art. From its outsole to its upper, each shoe is meticulously designed.

Each one of our outsoles are customized with a unique pattern, sometimes with color that matches the upper. Clever accent stitching pulls the shoe together and coordinates with the leather. From brushed metal hardware to hand-cut tassels, each detail is carefully considered. Go ahead and inspect a pair for yourself. You’ll find a charming detail everywhere you look.